General Dermatology

By this we mean the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of skin, hair and mucous membranes (mouth and genitals).


There are more than 3000 different dermatological diagnoses. The most common skin diseases are inflammatory processes (Itching, eczema and psoriasis), a sun-damaged skin resulting in skin cancer, benign tumors and pigmentation disorders, birthmarks, skin infections (acne, viral warts, bacterial and fungal infections, they also include the sexually transmitted diseases), skin problems in children, its problems and abnormalities of the venous vasculature (varicose veins and leg ulcers).

The consult

During the consultation questions are asked about the condition itself, skin problems in the family, the medications you are taking or have taken and presence of allergies.

Followed the physical examination. This may concern only the skin condition, but also evaluation of the complete skin. Please always note that you may be asked to undress. Sometimes it is necessary to perform a skin biopsy way to take this after looking under the microscope. This procedure is called a biopsy (you can in dermato-oncology read how this works).

After the diagnosis, the treatment options discussed with you. In most cases you will receive a brochure to take home and read at your leisure.

Finally, you will receive a prescription medication that you can pick up at the pharmacies and an audit appointment or an appointment for treatment is made.

Do I need a referral from the general practitioner (GP)?

No, you can make an appointment for a consultation without a referral from your GP. To be eligible for reimbursement of the consultation through the AZV you need a referral from your family doctor. Without this referral, the consultation and will not be reimbursed and the cost of the consultation will be for your own cost and expense. For a private consultation, 75 florin counted.

If you have questions please contact us, or make an appointment for a consultation.